The True Recruit in Rainbow Six Siege (Animation) 

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Inspired by @Lt Custardbeing toxic.
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Huge thanks to:
• @수이수이 SUISUI for the linework!
• Mito253#4057 for helping out with the idea!
The video I got inspired from: csshows.info/up/video/qJeqyoe8rYGPqX4.html
Contact me: boberto.contact@gmail.com
Discord: discord.gg/RjsrcNQ
Instagram: siegetales
Twitter: siegetales
#SiegeTales #RainbowSixSiege #R6Cartoon
Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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17. 02. 2021





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Flashy Green x
Flashy Green x Před 3 dny
But if there’s 4 recruits, why didn’t they shoot her at the beginning. Kinda sus
Vil Neil
Vil Neil Před 4 dny
im suprise she havent been kill at start of the round
Vengeance!!! 🔥💀
Justin Groves
Justin Groves Před 6 dny
madmonsterkid Před 7 dny
The reason they killed mira is because she didn't go recruit not because she locked them out
Cry Bore
Cry Bore Před 7 dny
That’s me laughing literally everytime someone hits my frost mat I leave randomly out in the open
ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit
Hiba the ultimate
Hiba the ultimate Před 8 dny
One tap
Rebecca M
Rebecca M Před 9 dny
Damn hero
bullet proof cheese
bullet proof cheese Před 11 dny
Clearly mira was committing survival of the fittest
RECRUTA ELITE R6 Před 12 dny
Don mess with recruits!!!
Seth Q
Seth Q Před 12 dny
A salute to funking respectable people.
Jayvee Owen Constante
"try to betray your friends but remember they will betray you" - unknown
Kyle Caro
Kyle Caro Před 13 dny
Do be true
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari Před 13 dny
Now that's a true soldier right there
Slepii Před 13 dny
Its all fun and games till one of the recruits ace
uwuko Před 14 dny
He’s a real one
Enrique16ish, a pilot with the Three Strikes.
Shmuck Před 15 dny
0:27 = siegetales new recruit avatar
Trilaina Bloodwind
Trilaina Bloodwind Před 16 dny
... I cannot believe it took me until THIS EPISODE to realize the laugh-track getting used is Mark Hamill from the Batman Animated Adventures series >.
Lisa A. Richardson
Lisa A. Richardson Před 16 dny
recruit looks back recruit:nani
Victor Chen
Victor Chen Před 17 dny
Can we agree........... You would be killed by your team mates then the enemy
Dr Pillsbuddy
Dr Pillsbuddy Před 19 dny
Do thatcher siege tales
Gamer Therapist
Gamer Therapist Před 20 dny
God bless recruits
Insanebruh Před 20 dny
Moral of the story: Don't betray recruits
JimZone Před 20 dny
ive honestly started to hate te recruit. i see too much of me playing sledge/doc/rook and the rest of the team are recruits. i swear it has happened like 70 times only me and 4 recruits
Xs1 Goliath But somethings off
Oh so thats where you found your pfp
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Před 23 dny
Wait a minute, why didn’t they kill her before that happened
꧁Afukono꧂ Před 23 dny
a door
a door Před 23 dny
troller vs friendly fire and interfering with direct orders
A Lawn Mower
A Lawn Mower Před 24 dny
𝙀𝙣𝙚𝙢𝙮 𝙎𝙥𝙤𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙙
spruce badger
spruce badger Před 25 dny
rule number 1 of recruit defending, never lock out teamate
Evandro Tenório
Evandro Tenório Před 25 dny
General Grievous
General Grievous Před 27 dny
U knew Mira was evil
Gaëtan Cione
Gaëtan Cione Před 27 dny
That Mira laugh came straight from the deepest pit of hell...
David Torazzi
David Torazzi Před 27 dny
Jeez it's been a while since I last watch a video of yours (I don't play Rainbow6) but I'm telling you , your animation has improved a lot , it was good already but now it's reaching perfection! Specially the the sound design (That was the most ominous yet funny evil laugh I've ever heard).
Natayo Před 28 dny
Lol, where's the laugh coming from ? (The laugh sound effect?)
Otávio Orange Potato
Please do more of recruit
XxDuhBoiAsianxX Před 28 dny
Thats what I taught my kids: *never be toxic or you get the bullet*
Umud Can
Umud Can Před 29 dny
I love your videos soooooo much😃😍. They make me laugh 😂. I love you soo much that you making this.
Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před 28 dny
Andrew Bulak
Andrew Bulak Před 29 dny
I love that Joker laugh. Btw if you didn’t know Mark Hamill does that joker laugh. He also voices Luke Skywalker.
The DarkDragon Plays
True soldiers look out for there brothers
jelly bendy
jelly bendy Před 29 dny
All the operators in these animations are adorable
Elena Reyna
Elena Reyna Před 29 dny
The recruits are cuter then my burbs
Unhappy Bacon
Unhappy Bacon Před měsícem
I love that you chose Mark Hamill's Joker laugh. It was perfect!
Jacob Toussaint
Jacob Toussaint Před měsícem
Was that Tyrone Magnus laughing?😂
꧁Afukono꧂ Před měsícem
Donovan Před měsícem
Bro I remember one time the enemy team was recruit rushing so I went outside and joined them 😂
Kajetan Wiśniowski
Kajetan Wiśniowski Před měsícem
I need that taunt for recruit in r6.
yongzher eng
yongzher eng Před měsícem
the toxic team
Cheswthmacaroni Před měsícem
What I don’t understand is why the recruits didn’t kill Mira at the start of the round
Big Doof
Big Doof Před měsícem
Mira’s pocket shotgun would require the entire prep phase to make a hole that big.
Mr. Demon
Mr. Demon Před měsícem
Aaaaaaaaaaaa 🤣🤣🤣
Ritvik Mishra
Ritvik Mishra Před měsícem
I don’t get it, was Mira about trap all the recruits outside?
Vladinir Reznikov
Vladinir Reznikov Před měsícem
🤣 бля топ
RealJarell Před měsícem
Rule 1 of being a recruit states that if someone fucks with other recruits you kill them immediately.
NoelFTW Před měsícem
i love recruit so much in these series... you should totally add a recruit hidden in the background every episode :D
DeadlyKhanivore Před měsícem
Mira Mains * Cursed * you never reinforce two walls unless it's absolute necessary
Skipper Prime /Blueguy0002
Mmhhhh hahahaha HA HA HA HAAAA welcome to the madness Recruits I set a trap and you sprang Gloriously! - Joker from Batman Arkham asylum and the mask of the Phantom
Lol Futuremeep
Lol Futuremeep Před měsícem
Ah yes, recruit often known as the meta operator in siege
leonardo dicaprio
leonardo dicaprio Před měsícem
The animation is so good
Agi Před měsícem
"They might have not been the best, why they might've played like babies, but i would never leave my comrades behind, so if killing Mira is the cost of their innocent lives... Then so be it" -Recruit
Bilal Zuid
Bilal Zuid Před měsícem
Why is mira still alive
MEMETROOPER Před měsícem
I wish the cav plush would come out again I gound siege Tales when it ended then a saw the video and clicked on the link and it was nowhere to be found
Alp Agat
Alp Agat Před měsícem
Where is that joker laughing effect is from
Dallas Před měsícem
Where is the part we're they loosing?
Wolf YT
Wolf YT Před měsícem
Where's the,"Reverse Friendly Fire has been activated for Recruit."?
Mangel Cerón
Mangel Cerón Před měsícem
I really love this one, it make me laugh!!
LocoSword39 Před měsícem
I hate how the one Recruit that turns around just has the nicest face saying “Thank’s for the information!” and his face to change to “Wait what?...”.
the putputer
the putputer Před měsícem
one true recruit
Elijah Chapa
Elijah Chapa Před měsícem
Can you plz make cav plushie come back 😀
Fadhlan Faza
Fadhlan Faza Před měsícem
From 45 seconds a week to 40 seconds a week and now 33 seconds a week, next 2 months will be 5 seconds a week? Sorry i love your videos but its just to short to enjoy
big spook
big spook Před měsícem
I have an animation idea why dont you put smoke with the music gas gas gas
illu Před měsícem
How about to make a video about crimson heist with a lot of payday spirit
N I G H T 新 ドラゴン
Echo is so innocent, I never saw him kill anyone, I don't know why they kill Echo, he never hurt anyone '-'
Ethan Jeffery
Ethan Jeffery Před měsícem
this was amazing keep up the good work
Clantonik Před měsícem
If anybody wondering from where the mean laugh is It's Jokers laugh voiced bye Mark Hammil
Galaxyboii Před měsícem
Is he making money out of these videos?
missingindy Před měsícem
One time I was playing bomb on that map that I think is a museum that has that really cool train in one room and a fireplace leading to the next room and I was playing as doc and me and a teammate playing as echo were the only ones left and he was injured and I was playing on Xbox so instead of me pressing RB I accidentally pressed Y and pulled out my revolver and shot him in the fucking face instead of healing him, I did help him back up tho
Kenneith Paul
Kenneith Paul Před měsícem
Recruit forever
jblockman_59 nunyabidnis
jblockman_59 nunyabidnis Před měsícem
"if I can't save you, you can be damn sure I'll avenge you"
CravenDrip8435 Před měsícem
Us recruit mains gotta stick together
ROBERT O'CAMPO Před měsícem
Mom said it’s my turn to get pinned
imgoodhuman Před měsícem
Salute power
The Left Airpod _
The Left Airpod _ Před měsícem
Those two recruits who kept running were aware of what was to come. They weren't afraid and they were ready to die for their cause.
Cris Cabrera
Cris Cabrera Před měsícem
The CSshowsr saves the day respect recruits
Владислав Чеботарев
Я русский
BrynjarWolfs Před měsícem
se que es mucho pedir pero se podrán hacer de mas juegos ejemplo left 4 dead
gan dalf
gan dalf Před měsícem
Every time.
Ranaut Před měsícem
0:06 looks like she is whistling through her nose. On another note your animations have kept me sane even though i don't like playing siege anymore
Wawbringer Boi
Wawbringer Boi Před měsícem
That’s how I laugh lol
Xharpshooter Před měsícem
Another piece of quality programming, keep up the good work :)
Will GM
Will GM Před měsícem
Soldier_X sk
Soldier_X sk Před měsícem
Pls come back Boberto Boo ='(
anabela miguel
anabela miguel Před měsícem
This is how custard feels after getting no aces byt marley foes xd just shhot him in the head tgats relable
Bendy ink
Bendy ink Před měsícem
Mira: Wait its 3 recruits outside? Recruit 4: always has been
Deven Cooper
Deven Cooper Před měsícem
Most unrealistic thing about this is how Mira lived past the first 2 seconds because of TK from not going Recruit
king parakeet
king parakeet Před měsícem
You got respect the one true recruit
_ Genérico _
_ Genérico _ Před měsícem
Please make an animation related to the nerf of zophia withstand :(
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