SIEGE TALES - ALL EPISODES vol.6 (Rainbow Six Siege Cartoon) 

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Cartoons which were included:
00:00 - Defuser Rule
00:25 - Catveira's
Evil Plan
01:07 - Ping 2.0
01:55 - Gamer Supps
02:35 - M.U.T.E. Protocol
03:11 - ♪ Build a Lil House
Together ♪
03:56 - The REAL Sam Fisher
04:30 - The Toxic
05:06 - Make Mozzie
05:41 - "Is that for Me?"
Discord: discord.gg/RjsrcNQ
Instagram: siegetales
Twitter: siegetales
#SiegeTales #RainbowSixSiege #R6Cartoon
Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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11. 10. 2020





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Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před měsícem
*UPDATE* Free shipping is no longer available, but you still can get a 10% discount using code: siegetales
Code eror the good r6 really
Camaron Wright
Camaron Wright Před 14 dny
No more free shipping well I ain't buying
another nobody nice to meet you
What's that's song in defuser rule ?? Please 🙏 I want to know
Camaron Wright
Camaron Wright Před 24 dny
You should do one when someone takes your kill
Spooky Hootie
Spooky Hootie Před 27 dny
What gunna happen when siege gets its last update it will be a cold day in hell
Le Pogger24
Le Pogger24 Před hodinou
0:37 he lookin stupid
Le Pogger24
Le Pogger24 Před hodinou
What is the music in the start i wanna listen to it!
HotDogIsGod Před 3 hodinami
You know the rules and so do i
Felipe Fea
Felipe Fea Před 6 hodinami
Caveria is all still
Jankov Richards
Jankov Richards Před 8 hodinami
Please make more of these
just another genji main
Jager do be sleeping though
Slenerm Před dnem
What is the song for gamer supps
EYAD _ Před dnem
I rly enjoy all ur vids even though they're less than a min long, keep it up :)
Golden controller Gaming
What’s that song in the first one?
sse broken
sse broken Před dnem
anyone else see catveira on the first one
Haroldina Před dnem
I love how fav is just watching in the first clip
cacholo loko
cacholo loko Před dnem
Caveira It means skull
Roshan Jimmy
Roshan Jimmy Před dnem
Cat veira is so cute
Grimlock the impim
Build a lil house together is the biggest red dead 2 mention ever
Renamon Před dnem
exactly how I feel now everytime I'm the only one reinforcing everything...
John Wick
John Wick Před dnem
I feel so bad for monty 😭
Banana on air
Banana on air Před dnem
The catveria plush at defuser rule next to the statue
Spiderman 2020
Spiderman 2020 Před dnem
What that music i love it 1:55
Spiderman 2020
Spiderman 2020 Před 10 hodinami
I found it!
Spooderman Před dnem
Miss Nakita
Miss Nakita Před dnem
Were are they?
Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta Před 2 dny
1:47 i never imagine that
TripZ Void
TripZ Void Před 2 dny
So gamer supps is cocaine?
VeryEarth79 Před 2 dny
Tiny Caviera in the first thing next to the statue
Aleksandar Marceta
Aleksandar Marceta Před 2 dny
l think catveria is cutest here
Spooderman Před 2 dny
Tactical.BONK. Před 2 dny
I love the rdr2 reference. i suddenly miss arthur.
Yourfriendglizzy Před 2 dny
0:06 mini cav behind statue
Turbo102 cz
Turbo102 cz Před 2 dny
4:04 that Sam Fisher is little bit scary🤣
Aussie Beats101
Aussie Beats101 Před 2 dny
Dam that ash have to much cocaine
Rabeeyah Macabangkit
Ah yes recruit squad betraying each other basic
Asher Ngoi
Asher Ngoi Před 2 dny
that once happened to me
Joya Před 2 dny
the last one 🤣🤣🤣
Vionna Salamiara Ngindra
Recruit is attacker why recruit defender
Red Robin
Red Robin Před 3 dny
i just love the one with the RDR2's song. My all time favourite game
Артём Před 3 dny
6:18 :3
-ArdA_sArı- Před 3 dny
I love your animates keep it up bro u r awesome 👊
majid shahani
majid shahani Před 3 dny
Kaid got terminal L U M B A G O
Mariam IsACat
Mariam IsACat Před 3 dny
I saw that catveira plushie
Indians wake up and Stop putting emojis in memes
"In the snow , in the wind , in the ice cold....." Shows chalet , Hereford and kafe What a god tier editor
Chio Productions
Chio Productions Před 3 dny
Can anyone tell me the first clip music?
Epikk Před 3 dny
What is the music in there
Captain Caustic
Captain Caustic Před 3 dny
for gamer supps
Captain Caustic
Captain Caustic Před 3 dny
what song did they use in the trailer
Joseph Lewellen
Joseph Lewellen Před 4 dny
What is the song played in 'Defuser Rule'?
The_Pulmeyot Před 4 dny
0:59 TIME TO GET SERIOUS gay club music starts Mmm ooo...
mr piano123
mr piano123 Před 4 dny
What is the song in the first bit
VictoriousKey Před 4 dny
Confirmed Jager is Uncle... wait Jager has LUMBAGO!
Just noticed on Defuser rule cav is near the statue
O Pio
O Pio Před 4 dny
2:01 FBI
OllieDM910 Před 4 dny
0:06 left at the feet of the statue is cav plushie
_L10 TaKu_
_L10 TaKu_ Před 4 dny
muy mal vendi9endo harina de la cia :v
Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith Před 4 dny
these are funny
LiTtLeBeAsT Před 4 dny
Architetto Munther Rawashdeh
#1Depresso Espresso
Oasis Před 4 dny
Hey Siege tales what song did you use for the "gamer supps" part?
The Diamitor
The Diamitor Před 5 dny
I’m supposed to be writing an essay rn...
Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před 5 dny
Carsten Gronewold
Carsten Gronewold Před 5 dny
4:15 so true it's sad
Kenneth Rose
Kenneth Rose Před 5 dny
who saw cav at the stacue
skreller gamer
skreller gamer Před 5 dny
Jackle should not be able to see caves footsteps
Kj The killjoy
Kj The killjoy Před 5 dny
YOOO IS NO INE ELSE GONNA TALK ABT WHAT ASH DID TO YEAGER I don’t know if she was flirting or showing off 😂😂😂😂😂 but they would rlly be cute together
Yugoslav Ball
Yugoslav Ball Před 5 dny
catveira is under the statue
THE-MULE Před 6 dny
Tachanka is smexy
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips Před 6 dny
Never though John Marston was in Rainbow lol
Samithran Ramesh
Samithran Ramesh Před 6 dny
The last one was the best
Deadly Sin
Deadly Sin Před 6 dny
The first animator who is pleased even to review advertising
Carnivore Před 6 dny
what is the name of the song the plays with gamer supps
LORE animate
LORE animate Před 7 dny
3:05 DOOM
Mark Luis Pecjo
Mark Luis Pecjo Před 7 dny
Anyone notice the Catviera plushy at the start?? no? okay
pug in duh streets
pug in duh streets Před 7 dny
3:12 When the rdr music came out i was dead bro🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
thespace cadet
thespace cadet Před 7 dny
What was the name of the song you used in the gamer supps part
tomcat543 Před 8 dny
Who else saw the little cav in the defuser rule clip
MusicSK Před 8 dny
The amount of sexual tension I get when ash goes onto jager and takes out his mag is very astounding.
It's Revengiffil
It's Revengiffil Před 8 dny
frost and alibi is mine adorable characters in your cartoons
dobropstruch XD
dobropstruch XD Před 8 dny
0:3 easter egg
Jayce Crews
Jayce Crews Před 8 dny
That one with the cloaker sound made go *NO NO WHO IS THERE*
Quads’n mtb
Quads’n mtb Před 8 dny
I see the hidden cav
Gamer_ Freak_88
Gamer_ Freak_88 Před 8 dny
When you realize that tachanka elite looks the same as in siege tales
FNAFovertaker Před 9 dny
God u made gamer supps look like cocaine
Gary Kent
Gary Kent Před 9 dny
That last one was perfect
Chainz Gamer
Chainz Gamer Před 9 dny
What music is played for the defuser rule?
Marhathor Před 9 dny
I wish we had Catveira instead of Cav.
Lok Bok
Lok Bok Před 9 dny
0:03 that catveira in the corner
gig boy
gig boy Před 9 dny
defuser rule mini cav behaind statue
Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz Před 9 dny
Catverieas evil plan looked like how to catch a predator lol and there was security to guard catveriea lol
Bruh69420 Před 9 dny
With enough gamer supps bandit makes his own acog
GreyZombie21 Před 9 dny
I imagine that if ash took that mag in real time, she would have run away only to get one tapped by jager since his weapon was most likely cocked. Woulda been a hilarious alternative.
JD 009
JD 009 Před 9 dny
0:36 that’s mekel
Elite_Ace Před 10 dny
0:12 i see the catveira plushie behind the statue
Petar Nikolov
Petar Nikolov Před 10 dny
Whats the song’s name at 0:19
Frosty Před 10 dny
2:05 Sniff* Cocaine's a hellava drug kids
ECHO Diu LoMo Před 10 dny
EMP is going Dark
모찌가 드링크마시고 캐슬한테 쇼티달라하는거 진짜 ㅈㄴ웃기네ㅋㅋㅋ 광고는이렇게해야지 ㄹㅇ
Michael and Makayla
Michael and Makayla Před 10 dny
When you realized that she tricked you from the beginning 0:55
Salty Před 10 dny
3:36 jäger had lumbago
EvanWatcher Před 10 dny
I would enjoy this is sometimes they didn’t look like animals or shit just too ridiculous ngl So ima see what he offered and then fuck off
Perkychimara 3
Perkychimara 3 Před 10 dny
2:14 me when the enemy team is thatcher thermite ace hibanna and maverick Also what wss the name of the song that was playing
hell na
hell na Před 10 dny
Tachanka buff as fuck Even his strap almost broken
Stevek :D
Stevek :D Před 11 dny
2:07 what is that song?
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