Preparing for a Major in Rainbow Six Siege (Animation) 

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Now we know the real reason why there is no recruit in ranked...
• Official November Major trailer: csshows.info/up/video/ZZlpzH-Zgp_NxI4.html
The Dates for the Major:
• Latin America: October 30 - November 1st.
• Europe: November 6 - 8.
• North America: November 13 -15.
• Asia-Pacific: November 25 - 29.
Watch the tournament live on CSshows or Twitch!
• csshows.info
• www.twitch.tv/rainbow6
Contact me: boberto.contact@gmail.com
Discord: discord.gg/RjsrcNQ
Instagram: siegetales
Twitter: siegetales
#SiegeTales #RainbowSixSiege #R6Cartoon
Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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28. 10. 2020





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Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před měsícem
Attempt to make an IGN to think it is an official trailer, so they steal and reupload it.
Optimus prime
Optimus prime Před 16 dny
wow did they get sued or get called on?
Cristi Gonzalez
Cristi Gonzalez Před 21 dnem
Cristi Gonzalez
Cristi Gonzalez Před 21 dnem
@Yhshs Shshsbs Ttzzt
Cristi Gonzalez
Cristi Gonzalez Před 21 dnem
ChardVark Před měsícem
Yes recruit sir!
Le Pogger24
Le Pogger24 Před 38 minutami
Poor Tachanka lost his voice
samurai plasma pea
samurai plasma pea Před 8 hodinami
0:15 i am tanchanka in this situation
Anime Yellow Rat
Anime Yellow Rat Před 2 dny
i wanna see an episode where recruit hangs out with tachanka and they do fun stuff, and it would be a continuation to this video
Jose manuel
Jose manuel Před 2 dny
Why wouldn't you do hookah on hookah?
Common Sense
Common Sense Před 3 dny
0:13 They put "mira" because she was the one who trained her, right? .. no. was she the one watching her? I do not know
dodo 2.0
dodo 2.0 Před 8 dny
That makes me so sad that the recruit and chanky did not go but still cool animation
GVC FunnyAcres
GVC FunnyAcres Před 8 dny
Poor recruit got left behind again
Alessandra S.
Alessandra S. Před 8 dny
subtitles, please. ❤️
ProdigyCruz Před 8 dny
Tachanka just gettin high lmao
Ali Korkmaz
Ali Korkmaz Před 9 dny
Fun fact: Even tho, tachanka couldnt go, he wasnt planning to go with them anyways, cuz he hangsout with his spestnaz friends, Fuze and kapkan were coing to come at the building with medovik and квас that day,
Blackout Animation
Blackout Animation Před 10 dny
Ditching my two mains I see how it is. Loads DP28 with malicious intent.
death ball
death ball Před 10 dny
Dazz me my friends right there we all have operators one of my friends does not have any they have to go recruit
данька кузнечик
0:16 Сразу видно, русский
NANASHI X_x Před 14 dny
sammeyboi Před 14 dny
Now its different, rip recruit but tachanka got his rework
Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss Před 15 dny
What is tachanka doing
ANARCH.E Před 15 dny
look im just glad glaz is in it
Pestilential Potential
F for recruit and Chanks
Semi Eyüp Karadeniz
0:16 "nargile"
DavidDaDominant Před 17 dny
Lmao love tachanka is smoking
Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina Před 17 dny
Glaz and his eyes in 0:18 xd
meme boy
meme boy Před 18 dny
The Lord is getting zooted
Michał Raczyński
Michał Raczyński Před 18 dny
And that Chanka with shisha ❤️
Bdbdhdbd Hdhdhdndbc
Bdbdhdbd Hdhdhdndbc Před 18 dny
Angela Duarte
Angela Duarte Před 20 dny
Why no one like recruit
MrAwkwardllama Před 20 dny
Is it just me, or does it look like he enjoys the choking?
。提莫 Před 23 dny
“Reworked operators are not allowed in the six invitational” Tachanka: “at least I’ve got the reason being out”
Haider Karkamaz
Haider Karkamaz Před 24 dny
Balckbeard looking a little stretched out
Crazydriver#1 Toofast
Love your videos keep up the good work
Nemo 86
Nemo 86 Před 26 dny
Bro love the vids keep them coming
LEO the commando
LEO the commando Před 27 dny
I love how tachanka is just smoking his bong, i bet its vodka flavour lol
Hyto 234
Hyto 234 Před 29 dny
Tachanka and recruit don't go at the major 😂
RC-6 волк
RC-6 волк Před 29 dny
I’m tachanka
Анна Липовка
бедный новичок так хотел поехать а его не взяли а тачанкину ваше насрать
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine Před 29 dny
*sad recruit noises* Lord tachanka: “first time?”
NonExistentOne Před 29 dny
lord chanka n his apprentice recruit, unable to join... someday my friends... someday
Vineeth v
Vineeth v Před měsícem
why cav always so cute and scary
Enzo Becerra
Enzo Becerra Před měsícem
Only bikini will take the lord ... or maybe badger ... or even sovietwomble but i don’t think he play r6
Angelica Ortiz
Angelica Ortiz Před měsícem
Poor recruit always the one left behind
Sandra Tobias
Sandra Tobias Před měsícem
I love your art style
Game of Boss
Game of Boss Před měsícem
I think recruit needs to be mayor for being cool?
Logan Simmons
Logan Simmons Před měsícem
Video Idea: Some Kapkans seem to put EDDs right next to other traps. His EDD goes off and destroys the other gadget or trap. I really hate this about Kapkans since they can stick it anywhere else. So the video is Kapkan waiting for people to place gadgets and then putting his right next to it so they blow up.
-LemonyTea- Před měsícem
김재현 Před měsícem
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 타찬카는 집이나 지키라고
KioshiFN Před měsícem
damn, KING is going in hard CHILL
Doot MCNoot
Doot MCNoot Před měsícem
hey i realize ”no rules” you made is rework chanka you predicted the future
Stanislav Novotný
Stanislav Novotný Před měsícem
that what i do when my team is a noob 0:16
Кристина Бабкина
HOW free 500.000$ got ;-;
Bouggsz Před měsícem
This video makes liquid won the major. #letsgoliquid
Mrweed Ganja420
Mrweed Ganja420 Před měsícem
Love how tachanka is smoking the hookah 😂
Will Cavanaugh
Will Cavanaugh Před měsícem
Why are recruit and tachanka sad. It’d be epic to spend a weekend the either of them, but both of them together would be cooler
Irish_ Iwasdead
Irish_ Iwasdead Před měsícem
Cav talking to a amputee: wheres the rest of you?
Scoutime Před měsícem
Recruit looks so sad after he see them leaving its makes me sad as well, atleast he has the Lord to comfort him.
Levente Vasas
Levente Vasas Před měsícem
tachanka and recruit choosed the right choice
PedroRoyale Před měsícem
Tachanka is on *drugs*
кот военный суворов
0:17 )))))
Counter Iceage Baby Intelligence Unit
I would’ve brought tachunks with me since I sometimes play him in ranked and really well I must say.
Roussakoz_ Před měsícem
LiL Xanny
LiL Xanny Před měsícem
Quick question, but why is Cav always interrogating my boy Glaz
homayoun moayed
homayoun moayed Před měsícem
Poopy Poop
Poopy Poop Před měsícem
0:10 me when I poop my pants
gab237gamer Před měsícem
Why we forget the recruit
Kovba Před měsícem
What happens if the attackers are defenses animation
norby Před měsícem
Christian Lebegern
Christian Lebegern Před měsícem
TheLightZone Před měsícem
I have a idea Duck Tales Theme as Siege Tales Theme
Balázs Léderer
Balázs Léderer Před měsícem
Oh that recruit is so cute
Skorpion Před měsícem
why is the lord smoking a bong instead of drinking vodka?
Ninya 252
Ninya 252 Před měsícem
There are 4 defendera Mira, Bandit, Tachanka , Recruit and 1 attacker Blackbeard why ?
breakfast taco
breakfast taco Před měsícem
I'd be down for a r6 animation series
Lol master 79
Lol master 79 Před měsícem
I love how tachanka is smoking a hookah
Mary Yanchyk
Mary Yanchyk Před měsícem
Кто может объяснить что тут происходит?
Christopher Godinez
Christopher Godinez Před měsícem
I feel bad for recruit
Furrylorian Lord of crop yiff
They reworked recruit before the majors just because Ubi still can't figure why the recruit rule wins 80% of games.
ッxDxze Před měsícem
Are we gonna forgot how this guy watch’s otzdarva PETITION FOR A DBD ANIMATION VIDEO
Alastor is daddy
Alastor is daddy Před měsícem
So are we gonna ignore the fact the lord was blowing fat cloud's
Fantastickí Gejmri
Fantastickí Gejmri Před měsícem
please, make a 1 hour version of 0:15 its a great asmr for me :D
oversized biscuit
oversized biscuit Před měsícem
they are going away to avoid THE NOVEMBER
Jacobo Isac
Jacobo Isac Před měsícem
Tachanka + recluta Uffff
Igor Alencar
Igor Alencar Před měsícem
Badger is going to be mad that his boi Recruit isn't allowed.
xFNTOSH TV Před měsícem
Hhhhhhhhhhh 0:15
Ace tell me
Ace tell me Před měsícem
I just got my catvera plushy today
Cole Laskowski
Cole Laskowski Před měsícem
i like this wholesomes you dont need to say keep up the good work and etc say nice or thanks yanke witho no brim: 2 0 2 0 _________________________________________________________________________________________
King Gizmo
King Gizmo Před měsícem
Still waiting for my catveira plushi
Ascend Fatboy
Ascend Fatboy Před měsícem
Tachanka is lowkey a vibe.
Гениальный Алексей
0:2 mmm soo.. mmmm
Wulfward Před měsícem
how cruel :(
BonBon_ Před měsícem
Recruit was big sad
Shorse Před měsícem
I don’t mean to bring sadness on anyone with such a great video but I’d like to bring attention to the sick freak that’s posting dead cats on his CSshows channel and killing them acting like it’s ok here is his disgusting channel spread the word csshows.info/label/VLL7iMnc9qMPnmvkP4uZJg
The Crab Maestro
The Crab Maestro Před měsícem
Can we have an episode where tachanka and recruit go on an adventure
the anon
the anon Před měsícem
the other operators are actualy geting preparde tachanka SMONKIN WEED IN RUSSIAN INTESIFISE*
Geo Daddy
Geo Daddy Před měsícem
that poor recruit
Johan Nojah
Johan Nojah Před měsícem
It bothers me that Tchanka is in Sunrise Bar and not Hookah. I think I understand why you did it, but it still bothers me. Great video though.
Karthik Ravella
Karthik Ravella Před měsícem
Tachanka vibing
Warren LeBoeuf
Warren LeBoeuf Před měsícem
masterko 007
masterko 007 Před měsícem
ah poor recruit ;-; atleast he is with new tachanka and they can both get high xD
Dino Guard
Dino Guard Před měsícem
Poor recruit