♪ No Rules ♪ in Rainbow Six Siege (Animation) 

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Tachanka finally figured out the right way to roam. (On Oryx, duh)
Contact me: boberto.contact@gmail.com
Discord: discord.gg/RjsrcNQ
Instagram: siegetales
Twitter: siegetales
#SiegeTales #RainbowSixSiege #R6Cartoon
Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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12. 03. 2020





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Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před 8 měsíci
I do not make any money out of music videos. I made this one for memes and cuz you guys rly wanted another music vid. Like ze video to support me!1! Original video: csshows.info/up/video/mN2luqCeamqkxKQ.html
Colin Conroy
Colin Conroy Před 12 dny
You gave them the tachanka rework or the stole the idea an slapped a elite on it
Scout Gaming
Scout Gaming Před 14 dny
Clearly the inspiration for the Chanka' rework.
Shield of Liberation
Its like you predicted the rework of tachanka
THE MEGA KNIGHT Před měsícem
He saw the future
Digvijay Kashyap
Digvijay Kashyap Před měsícem
The first thing before I even watch your video is I hit like because I know its gonna be the best
LlamaGem Před 5 hodinami
Literally predicted the shumika launcher and the no longer mounted turret
BEAN Před 6 hodinami
The lord has not been blessed by the operators enough it’s time for punishment
Lubov Ushakova
Lubov Ushakova Před 9 hodinami
А ведь этот ролик был пророческим и тачанкину действительно добавили гранатомёт
Commander Ace
Commander Ace Před 13 hodinami
How did he know this was gonna happen to our lord and savour
Samuel Sirle
Samuel Sirle Před dnem
Later in the delta planet universe it has wheels
Thank you for making this video otherwise Ubisoft would not reworked Tachanka.
SFG Před dnem
Well the rework was leaked weeks before the video was made
Lars Frey
Lars Frey Před 2 dny
So wait, when were the details of the tachanka rework announced again?
I l
I l Před 2 dny
They where leaked months ago, pretty much before he made this video
Armani Khantharinh
Armani Khantharinh Před 2 dny
This is why they reworked tachanka
__smiley___ Před 2 dny
New title: Tachanka is fuking op
Im Trypanophobic_KK
God this is so long and now they release the update
Death The Horseman
Death The Horseman Před 4 dny
As a tachanka main who relies on his senses not his tech. all i can say is FOR THE MOTHERLAND
Some random dude
Some random dude Před 4 dny
i like how ubisoft gave tachanka a mosin and a grenade launcher smashed em together and called it a day
Alterago Sagin
Alterago Sagin Před 3 dny
its the real weapon by the way ) "kulakov grenade launcher"
Jake Stan
Jake Stan Před 4 dny
If demo man uses tachanka gun it would be crazy
It makes you think if ubi actually listens to us but we mostly know they only listen to the comp players 90% of the time
@I l well then maybe they don’t listen to us, but they still listen to the comp players
I l
I l Před 2 dny
The tachanka rework was in work before this was released
dark knight
dark knight Před 6 dny
"I have learnt the only place to save lives is in the feild not an office" Doc
rush b cyka bylat
rush b cyka bylat Před 6 dny
Wow look at tachanka now he no longer has an mounted LMG he has an LMG and a ushîkà launcher (just how the video predicted it) ( I think he works for siege)
I l
I l Před 2 dny
Nope, the rework was leaked before this
Zak Irish
Zak Irish Před 6 dny
Ubi be like👁👄👁
Meteor Doge
Meteor Doge Před 7 dny
bro that's what tachanka is now he guessed!
Meteor Doge
Meteor Doge Před dnem
@SFG ohhh i didnt know
SFG Před dnem
Nope, he didnt, the rework was leaked weeks before the video was made
Ni_lsSs Před 7 dny
It only took 8 goddamn months, but boy he is fire
Да Před 7 dny
Well... How this not a joke
Tsurki Před 7 dny
chanka goes all the way from Russia to Austria just for a flame thrower
Roblox Demogorgon
Roblox Demogorgon Před 7 dny
Bruh they predicted the new tachanka
the Arizona Ranger
the Arizona Ranger Před 8 dny
Why not demoman from team fortress 2 instead of junkrat
TripZ Void
TripZ Void Před 8 dny
What if ubisoft saw this...
hell na
hell na Před 7 dny
No idea why could happen after 9 month
hell na
hell na Před 7 dny
I don't know tho to be honest Maybe siege tale is from seige company
Zloi Piton
Zloi Piton Před 8 dny
Это прекрасно😈😈😈 лайк от России)
the anon
the anon Před 8 dny
In sovient russia rulse are marant tobe broken
kaaa booom
kaaa booom Před 8 dny
Are u fucking serious, your tachanka is become real.
hell na
hell na Před 7 dny
Maybe siege tale is part of ubisoft r6s idea
hell na
hell na Před 8 dny
Tachanka:since everybody want me to be a god ,well let's make it happen"
Nakki_Boii Před 8 dny
Back to the future
RubixAnalysis Před 8 dny
I really think r6 takes ideas from dis guy
Pistol Boy
Pistol Boy Před 8 dny
Why did you have to jinx us now tachanka sounds like a robot and lost his turret:C
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez Před 9 dny
It became a reality
rebelwarrior15 Před 9 dny
„Oryx, mounted and loaded” tachanka 2020
DDawg612 Před 9 dny
Absolutely loved him riding on oryx's back
W&P\Watch and Play
W&P\Watch and Play Před 9 dny
О черт, ЭтО жЕ ШлЯПНиКИ(The hatters)
jobro yo
jobro yo Před 9 dny
Wow 8 months and we finaly get it
Cosmic Wolf
Cosmic Wolf Před 9 dny
Did anybody notice that he put on a welding mask?
Elamise Velist
Elamise Velist Před 9 dny
Chank got Scary.
LNS Legacy
LNS Legacy Před 10 dny
Seige tales predicted the future lmao
Rooki_YT Před 10 dny
8 months later Ubi: Why not add that?
leon.legends Před 10 dny
Time to be efficient and kinda lazy _ Echo
Jesse Aguilar
Jesse Aguilar Před 10 dny
Could you please remake this video with his elite skin?
Borger Před 11 dny
He predicted the future
Daniel Biesterveld
Daniel Biesterveld Před 11 dny
Finally its got real
Meinhardt Strydom
Meinhardt Strydom Před 11 dny
He new about the grenade launcher before Ubisoft
pero1016 gasterovih
pero1016 gasterovih Před 11 dny
Hey guys tf2 demoman here!
Mr Snow Flake
Mr Snow Flake Před 11 dny
Bruh now this animation is real on rainbow, they switched his mounted turret for a grenade launcher and he carries his turret's gun xD
quicktriphome e
quicktriphome e Před 11 dny
Yea I'm mad about that
Cmonster150 Před 11 dny
That’s funny because that is literally what Tachanka is now.
Godlytaco Před 3 dny
@Keegan Hruby you’re a dumbass they had this concept for the whole year now you idiotic sponge
Deepak Raja
Deepak Raja Před 5 dny
Yeah they revealed it like a year ago
AKN100 Před 6 dny
Tachanka was leaked way before this video came out
YUKI Před 9 dny
Bl3 Před 9 dny
@Keegan Hruby no he didn’t lol
Joseph Seed
Joseph Seed Před 11 dny
Gubisoft stole his idea for lord chanky
FaiqGamer Před 11 dny
u predict tachanka rework omg
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Před 12 dny
Full version MUST LIVE
Lowkey dardar
Lowkey dardar Před 12 dny
Can you tell the future of us Ubisoft copying you
SparkedBox Před 12 dny
STK FAT BOII Před 12 dny
They predicted this in game
Jorge Angel Ruiz
Jorge Angel Ruiz Před 12 dny
You predict the future
Multi Game verse
Multi Game verse Před 13 dny
I need this song NOW
TheGamingMaster05 Před 13 dny
haha junkrat
Eric Pearson
Eric Pearson Před 13 dny
This inspired the rework
Matthew Cantu
Matthew Cantu Před 13 dny
Seige tales literally leaked the rework
Matthew Cantu
Matthew Cantu Před dnem
@SFG oh ok sorry
SFG Před dnem
Nope, he didnt, the rework was leaked weeks before the video was made
Sertt Před 13 dny
He predicted it
Zakary Caswell
Zakary Caswell Před 13 dny
U pridicted the future because they came out with tachanka just like that
Paradox Clan
Paradox Clan Před 13 dny
I think you predicted the future because of tachanka rework
LaPochoGamer81 Před 13 dny
R.I.P "LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED" 1/12/2015 - 19/11/2020
DOOM WIZARD Před 14 dny
105ping Před 13 dny
Arsenije Andric
Arsenije Andric Před 14 dny
We did it.... Tachanka is here. Btw you forgot the #BOSGACOG xD
HartlessAce Před 14 dny
For the people watching this after the rework and thinking that Seige Tales predicted the rework, Ubisoft reveled the reworked Tachanka near the beginning of year 5 back in like February
K4smA Před 14 dny
ты смог предсказать реворк тачанки
Zeak Zen
Zeak Zen Před 14 dny
Он не предсказал, его анонсировали год назад
Тимофей Никешин
Ну за что так лорда? :'(
Zeak Zen
Zeak Zen Před 14 dny
Почему же
The Gentlemen0
The Gentlemen0 Před 15 dny
Wait a minute... Fire grenade launcher... This was made 8 months before the rework...
The Gentlemen0
The Gentlemen0 Před 14 dny
@Zeak Zen Oh! I did not know that
Zeak Zen
Zeak Zen Před 14 dny
Rework was at ubisoft show year ago
Tachanka Před 15 dny
I am Reborn
These people are in the future right now
xXDIEGO102Xx Před 15 dny
is it me or did you predict the new weapons and upgrades for tachanka?
SFG Před dnem
Nope, he didnt, the rework was leaked weeks before the video was made
ImaGoggle Před 15 dny
This guy predicted the future
TheRedOne Před 5 dny
Nah he just made a funny animation after everyone knew about the rework
Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss Před 15 dny
He should have kept his shield
Andrea Niro
Andrea Niro Před 15 dny
Isn't weird how this is a real thing now
TheRedOne Před 5 dny
Nah because it was announced before this vid came out
swapertxking Před 15 dny
8 months later... UBISOFFFFT!
LFDB. EXE Před 15 dny
Gg you prédict the future of the Lord
Tyler White
Tyler White Před 15 dny
Tachanka in this video is what it is now
P4[e]L Před 16 dny
0:28 это за мной?
Mathijs015 Před 16 dny
Ubpredicted the future
samuel serrezuela alvarez
Jjajajaja junckaft 0:15
A Random Player
A Random Player Před 16 dny
Predict ahaha
Тимур Сагутдинов
Тимур Сагутдинов
@Oscar Di Bella maybe
Oscar Di Bella
Oscar Di Bella Před 16 dny
It was leaked a LOOOONG time ago
Тимур Сагутдинов
О дА ПиТсА Svs
Wait.. I understand only now... Did you just know about tachanka rework?!
SFG Před dnem
Well the rework was leaked weeks before the video was made
NOT Kira
NOT Kira Před 17 dny
broo he just predicted Tachanka rework
NOT Kira
NOT Kira Před 15 dny
@Game Machine oh ok thx
Game Machine
Game Machine Před 15 dny
He did that after announcement of rework
Demirhan Demir
Demirhan Demir Před 17 dny
How did you know that
Reiter Před 17 dny
Holy duck, tachanka had to wait more than 8 months to get his LMG
Ante Đumić
Ante Đumić Před 17 dny
Do you have a time mashine ?
Nur_ Ole
Nur_ Ole Před 17 dny
It's time. He's here. Our Lord came back.
Osloares Před 17 dny
Its time.
Gábor Neuwirth
Gábor Neuwirth Před 17 dny
🥰😍 Tachanka 😍💓💗
Paky Před 18 dny
I come from the future and went out and made full team free in the Consulate and op now I return to my age goodbye friends
Lolmaster338 Před 18 dny
You leakes the new weapon. No joke check it out
Lolmaster338 Před 18 dny
Jackaroo210 Před 19 dny
imo could have used the home depot theme and then the meet the heavy music when he is on oryx's back, but still a great video!
Brunex Gamer
Brunex Gamer Před 19 dny
This video created the "new" tachanka before the ubisoft kkkkkk
SFG Před dnem
Nope, he didnt, the rework was leaked weeks before the video was made
Hugo Siivonen
Hugo Siivonen Před 20 dny
And it's not even out after 8 months...
Stanislav Novotný
Stanislav Novotný Před 21 dnem
and that how they make the new update
Supirior Drawing
Supirior Drawing Před 22 dny
STOP SAYING HE PREDICTED THE FUTURE the rework was anouced 17. 2 and this video was relesed 13. 3
Bored in Quarantine
Bored in Quarantine Před 22 dny
I like that hibana and maverick are still there since 6 months ago I dont remember when tachanka attempted to flank
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