♪ Medieval Vibe ♪ in Rainbow Six Siege (Animation) 

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I just love when an Australian chevalier fights a French knight to the Viking music.
• Music - "Danheim - Hefna" csshows.info/up/video/fb2EymrSj3_EyYY.html
• Use code "SiegeTales" to get 10% off on GamerSupps: gamersupps.gg/?afmc=SiegeTales
• R6 Operators on GamerSupps: csshows.info/up/video/YrCPyaLKo5aXrKw.html
• Get SiegeTales Merch Here: crowdmade.com/collections/siegetales
• Thanks to Kapo for helping me with a line art: yaBoiKapo
Contact me: boberto.contact@gmail.com
Discord: discord.gg/RjsrcNQ
Instagram: siegetales
Twitter: siegetales
#SiegeTales #RainbowSixSiege #R6Cartoon
Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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24. 03. 2021





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R Před 19 dny
getting drones is more important than kills change my mind
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Před 3 dny
Why change it when I agree with it
Derek Hathorn
Derek Hathorn Před 3 dny
A shock drone
Anthony White
Anthony White Před 5 dny
Well if you kill all of them there's no one to drone in the first place
Jakub Seman
Jakub Seman Před 7 dny
Zank! Před 7 dny
I can and always will steal echo drones
Péter Kalabér
Péter Kalabér Před 6 hodinami
The Unstoppable Force meets... The Midget?
Mi Yu
Mi Yu Před 9 hodinami
0:33 That smile, was never seen again...
Blake Baldwin
Blake Baldwin Před 20 hodinami
Is the song off of something or did u make it? I want to get full song if so but im loving the animations, it feels like I'm watching childhood cartoons late at night
LanZaGamer05 Před 23 hodinami
Red Robin
Red Robin Před dnem
Please put up a soundtrack with out the sfx (like monti's shield) it's so good 😁
E Před dnem
Rook:trade offer? Monty:sure Rook:you recive 1 armor plate and we recive not dying Doc:you FUCKING- Mozzie:i got this Monty:LETS DO THIS Mozzie:(steals a drone) Monty:what the
Вадим Макроусов
pls make 10 hours of mozzi walk. And don't forget that music pls
anxiet_ yyy
anxiet_ yyy Před dnem
What song is this?
ivan rodriguez
ivan rodriguez Před 2 dny
What music
Gabriel Felipe
Gabriel Felipe Před 2 dny
Did you make this song, or is it on spotify? or perhaps both?
SomeGuy Před 2 dny
can we get a extended version? plz
Shadow ?????
Shadow ????? Před 3 dny
*ngl dude, that’s some nice medieval vibes right there* :0)
Łukasz Flis
Łukasz Flis Před 3 dny
0:10 - 0:33 - Vikings raids to France. 0:35 - Rollon creates Duchy of Normandy and becomes vassal of France. 0:36 - Battle of Hastings.
Julien Hardy
Julien Hardy Před 3 dny
my favo so far :)
Václav Sovadina
Václav Sovadina Před 3 dny
i like this video only cuz of its music
DENYS RAMOS Před 3 dny
That music it just hits another dimension.
Psychofreak Před 3 dny
Petition to Ubisoft to make a charm of siege tales in order to honor this channel.
Simone dello iacono
Goliath and David
troy cornett
troy cornett Před 3 dny
Hey man I watch all your videos and tbh there spot on. But I'm wanting to know what music did you use for this. Cause I want to listen to the full version I have played this song on repeat on your video for two days straight 😂😂 keep up the hard work man 🖤❤
Xono Před 3 dny
Look in the description
furry husky 76
furry husky 76 Před 4 dny
What's the music in the back ground I wanna know
Walter is a king
Walter is a king Před 3 dny
Check the description
Matthew Tobey
Matthew Tobey Před 4 dny
bro the music and the drawings were dope try to change my mind I dare you
Napwastaken Před 4 dny
What can a drone do that an operator can't. Jump
Black fox member 304 aka exo
Is there a loop of moize walking
Arash Mokhtarbaf
Arash Mokhtarbaf Před 4 dny
Song name s'il vous plait
Insanity Před 4 dny
I threw together a big ole' Danheim playlist because of this video :D
Mohan Plays
Mohan Plays Před 4 dny
Help Ful
Help Ful Před 4 dny
Song ?
RAZI 701
RAZI 701 Před 4 dny
Hi 🙋‍♂️
Z ГРАПИ Před 4 dny
Job’s done)
Kaktus HDSD
Kaktus HDSD Před 5 dny
nice vibes
Barteq Před 5 dny
That beat is the best
Dreadfulvengence Před 5 dny
David and goliath remarsted
joshua18 Bradipo
joshua18 Bradipo Před 5 dny
those boss movements are everywhere on his videos lmao
Craz3 Milkshake
Craz3 Milkshake Před 5 dny
I wish mountain was this scary
Mary Honea
Mary Honea Před 5 dny
0:05 my siblings when I find them in my room going through my stuff.
Denis Glushenko
Denis Glushenko Před 5 dny
джоджо референс
Kahuu14 Před 5 dny
0:20 The bad kid entering class after being expelled for 3 weeks
stickdude323 Před 6 dny
That rumbling music is soul shakingly awesome
gas soldier
gas soldier Před 6 dny
I can use this sound with out copy right? 😇
Bryan Velasquez
Bryan Velasquez Před 6 dny
Me when i do my homework but forget about the test
John Wells
John Wells Před 6 dny
is this a real song being played in the background or is it something you made
AG Games
AG Games Před 6 dny
Why is this so damn funny
Mohamadreza Sadeghiyan
I love that !!!😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
ReVo 4
ReVo 4 Před 6 dny
Commander_Thorn Před 6 dny
You when you played " for honor " for 5 months straight an come back do rainbow six siege 😂😂
Ali Topuz
Ali Topuz Před 7 dny
Jackal , cav, monty and clash If you're playing with one of these characters, you're gay
Reyngard Aus Der Vald
0:20 we need hour version
Tatchanka Před 7 dny
Ice_Wolf76 Před 7 dny
I love this so mutch :D
mjay Před 7 dny
don't worry guys, i got this...............drone
Calviniu Před 7 dny
carmal wise
carmal wise Před 7 dny
I love how mozzie gets shorter in every animation he's in
Ninja Slayer
Ninja Slayer Před 8 dny
What song is this this is so cool
Little Dinosaur
Little Dinosaur Před 8 dny
David and Goliath if David got distracted easily
David Schmidt
David Schmidt Před 8 dny
wich song from danheim was it?
Миша Молотов
Well it's David & Galiap
S DiGi
S DiGi Před 8 dny
The song is a vibe in itself
DOBEREN / Před 8 dny
I can't stop looking at this
My team play me eror404
Sergej Davidenko
Sergej Davidenko Před 8 dny
We need more Nokk Animations!
KEshA Před 8 dny
lan mükemmel bişey
Abd Jojo
Abd Jojo Před 8 dny
It should someone make it like jojo in S3 when dio and jotaro
Irish_ Iwasdead
Irish_ Iwasdead Před 8 dny
0:28 just a little man talking care of business
Mlg Frog
Mlg Frog Před 8 dny
Hey tale I still remember while at end screen at your video lovely views and it say every 2 day new cartoon and you just lying to us and every 3 week ypu just upload
Onyx Paragon
Onyx Paragon Před 8 dny
The way mozzie is walking I just lost it
KaiAteYourPie Před 9 dny
Make a rainbowverse cartoon. Please.
Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl Scratch Před 9 dny
You know it's serious when Siege Tales busts out Danheim
the_real_gamer _boi
He protect he attack but most importantly he loves to hack
Hybris Před 9 dny
I would say that this is ur best animation
Wit Wunsz
Wit Wunsz Před 9 dny
The french have arrived
Magia Deity
Magia Deity Před 9 dny
Honestly the song is fucking sick
Darius Pop
Darius Pop Před 9 dny
"I trust my teammates" -Rook 2015
StellarWolfGaming Před 9 dny
Man's had SWAGGER with his walk
николай Тор
Это просто ахуенно я смотрю на уже 5 часов!
Matias Lewczuk
Matias Lewczuk Před 9 dny
Final boss
田中美優 Před 9 dny
You awesome
WoLF PaKx Před 9 dny
Got some witcher vibes with the music
Fabio Mammolenti
Fabio Mammolenti Před 9 dny
Christian Stone
Christian Stone Před 9 dny
I watched all 75 of these
moon child
moon child Před 9 dny
Can you make a dead by daylight animation series or are you only doing R6
Felix Tawer
Felix Tawer Před 9 dny
Hi, guy who drawing this cool animations, i want just ask you why you dont show that you are from Russia? You just answer on russian comments.
zXMR.GAMERXz Před 9 dny
Joya 💎
Thomas L
Thomas L Před 9 dny
For the people who want the music its Danhiem hefna
Gabriela Cruz
Gabriela Cruz Před 9 dny
I always thought of this of “Revenge of Mozzie” after the last time he went toe to toe with Mountain.
Smitty Před 10 dny
This gives me David and Goliath vibes
Іван Дронов
Mozzi just like planktone when he see enemy drone : Yes. YEs. YEEEES! COME TO PAPA!!!
PACMAN Před 10 dny
Spooderman Před 10 dny
that beat is dope af
Ayturk Taha Sargin
Ayturk Taha Sargin Před 10 dny
could tell the music for this poor guy
masterfriedchief Před 10 dny
I love watching ur vids when waiting for a match
Lmao H
Lmao H Před 10 dny
I Need a catvira
Nexonix 01
Nexonix 01 Před 10 dny
Our Army will never stop gaining cool music to R6
Ryan Boblett
Ryan Boblett Před 10 dny
Something pretty cool is the scar on Monty’s eyebrow nearly matches the slash that’s indented in his shield.
пчела Před 10 dny
это порсто лучшая анимачия токого рода это шедевр
Varick Rafif P
Varick Rafif P Před 10 dny
I've watched this video for like 5 times at this point
Look at My About page
I thought he is going to nitro cell and nitro cell blows up his team again lol
fishflew Před 10 dny
0:20 1 hour version please
Jorge _med
Jorge _med Před 10 dny
Muy maldito el wey😂😂
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