Breathtaking Move in Rainbow Six Siege (Animation) 

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Got inspired by one old Reddit post. Man, what a Legend!
Reddit post: rb.gy/r7sdum
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Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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19. 10. 2020





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Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před měsícem
Not all heroes wear capes...
U GONA DIE Před 7 dny
Very few do actually.
Jesse Yagci
Jesse Yagci Před 11 dny
/‘ - ‘ true hero’s
SPR12314 Před 12 dny
they wear caps
Onion-San Před 12 dny
Ray LoAmor
Ray LoAmor Před 16 dny
They wear helmets and berets.
its_ dead-boy
its_ dead-boy Před 5 hodinami
if i only had this teamwork i was champion
Алексей Бодров
Kanon Collins
Kanon Collins Před 9 hodinami
Castle: Even in death, I still serve
doanld lee
doanld lee Před dnem
0:19 FreeHong Kong??
atlassian Před dnem
Wait thermite is orange and orange won I’m confused
Cemtuğ Kaan Taşan
Blackout Animation
To bad this is a rare site in actual games.
This is probably what the developers originally envisioned. But the current state of gaming where everyone wants to be a toxic try hard really makes these moments embarrassingly rare
Skyzon Cloncluxing
Skyzon Cloncluxing Před 2 dny
These animations are so good God I wish these were longer
AB SqAir
AB SqAir Před 2 dny
I just realized that my favorite attacker class killed my favorite defender class How?
Logan Keck
Logan Keck Před 2 dny
After this came out people started doing this
Adwynvale Před 3 dny
This is pretty sad, ela crying for her teammates
Bob Kowalski
Bob Kowalski Před 3 dny
Based on a true story.
Ulfgar Arnnor
Ulfgar Arnnor Před 3 dny
Witness us!!!!!!! *dies heroically *
ぱちぇどーる Před 3 dny
Good movie
FR Studio
FR Studio Před 4 dny
He fucked up going outside. If they shot him. The barricade would of been for nothing. Wouldnt even been up
Gamer Artemis
Gamer Artemis Před 4 dny
Gotta love those moments when you have low time and those absolute Chads on your team sacrifice themselves to let you defuse
Riley Butler • 10 years ago
Why did castle barricade the door on the outside?
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Před 5 dny
Am i right
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Před 5 dny
Everyone: ela thicc Ela: omg ur perverts
Tu gfe games
Tu gfe games Před 5 dny
NoelFTW Před 5 dny
And then turns out that was just a lunchbox, and the defuser was planted on the other site
kSwissh007 Před 5 dny
this my favorite clip of the series!!!!! it do be like that sometimes 👏🏾💯
NANASHI X_x Před 5 dny
So epic
• Lord Tachanka •
What music is this
Bow master 360
Bow master 360 Před 5 dny
Maestro and castle took one for the team
Pepper Před 6 dny
This is actually a good strategy
Mr. Average Guy
Mr. Average Guy Před 6 dny
I loved this clip! So glad it was remade
Isaac Fisher
Isaac Fisher Před 6 dny
Ok but that lil high five at the end was so fkn cute
Mercier Před 6 dny
iq : 150
A halo reach Spartan
I’m waiting for rainbow six seige to add heavy from tf2 voicelines to maestro
Mr. Recker
Mr. Recker Před 6 dny
Realistically thermite could've just aimed at her foot. Im sure she was 20 hp or less
Lê Ngọc Thảo Nguyên
Site like these the only winning strat was to man every spawnpeek station i mean window
The Stanimal
The Stanimal Před 7 dny
Walex Felipe Pereira
Press F tô Respect
jeff Feliciano
jeff Feliciano Před 7 dny
The sacrefice of a good team, i never see a team like this before
ILOVE Dezmemes
ILOVE Dezmemes Před 7 dny
Ela: this is breathtaking Castle: you’re breathtaking
U GONA DIE Před 7 dny
If only my teammates would do the same. 😥 Its them that kill me. Also thermite is a hecking beast. Almost 3v1d that.
jblockman_59 nunyabidnis
"Kid we're gonna buy you some time... make it count."
koolgameninja John
koolgameninja John Před 8 dny
Thats the type of team I need ahah
i got some jelly beans.
top 10 saddest video game sacrifices
Giovanni Tripoli
Giovanni Tripoli Před 8 dny
eh eh got him! -castle.
Jessica Majercik
Jessica Majercik Před 8 dny
But... the orange team still won! And Thermite was on orange! :(
Davide Před 8 dny
Pancake Před 8 dny
Press F
Deddo_ Kenji
Deddo_ Kenji Před 8 dny
Fooking laser sights
sniper team
sniper team Před 8 dny
Nice idea 😂😂😂😂
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka Před 9 dny
I know this is a funny clip but this is badass
Rafael Tremeschinion
Like that's ever gonna happen
Mark Gray
Mark Gray Před 10 dny
Can someone explain why castle ran out as well?
Raven_ fy
Raven_ fy Před 11 dny
Maestro and casel ehre
Bruno Monteiro
Bruno Monteiro Před 11 dny
ela: what is step 1? Maetro:supressing fire Ela:step 2? Castle up the door Ela:3 i defuse the defuser cuz im a girl i dont like to get shots🤧
stefan kassing
stefan kassing Před 12 dny
We are all sons of the sea
Master TopHatter
Master TopHatter Před 12 dny
Elas: I’m blocked I can’t do anything Castle: maestro you. Know what we got to do Maestro: loads gun
Fuzzy The Fox
Fuzzy The Fox Před 4 dny
Maestro : Castle. if i dont make it. tell the kids that KFC has a 50% off deal rn. (IM SORRY I WANTED TO ADD THIS IN AS A JOKE PLZ DONT SUE ME)
station992 Před 13 dny
Yes! 😍😍😍
A Mysterious Gamer Approaches
Don’t woooosh me but why tf did castle exit the building to put a wall down
Vierynbryn Před 13 dny
Is it bad that I fully expected them to shoot out her feet under the castle barricade?
ObamaWorm Před 14 dny
I recognize that music, it's from tron legacy.
someguythatisthere official
wait you can defuse the defuser can you?
Jacopo Ceccarelli
Jacopo Ceccarelli Před 15 dny
This is the best😂😪 maestro and castle💪🏻
dollar store mccree
dollar store mccree Před 15 dny
0:04 what lag?
VectorTV Před 15 dny
anyone know the link to the original? I remember seeing it and can't find it anymore.
marcus harper
marcus harper Před 16 dny
When you actually know the video that inspired this😌
marcus harper
marcus harper Před 11 dny
Go to 2:17
marcus harper
marcus harper Před 11 dny
@lamar kingram
lamar kingram
lamar kingram Před 11 dny
Plz tel
Crusader Před 16 dny
music ?
KroKoKill94 Před 17 dny
That's epic, but be serious a few seconds : nobody sacrifice himself for other in this fucking game, nobody cover each other for the good of the play in this fucking game, and nobody will risk his precious KDA to win a round in this fucking game !! 😂😂😂😂😭
Qian Lim Price
Qian Lim Price Před 17 dny
This might just be my favorite animation yet
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis Před 17 dny
I personally think it would have been more poetically tragic if Maestro was replaced with Tachanka and his last words were...."LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED!!" and then he along with castle died which would work nicely with the Tachanka rework coming
Burlier Earth7
Burlier Earth7 Před 17 dny
Siege tales: Not all heroes wear capes Me: but those two wear bullets B)
ilumox34 dudek
ilumox34 dudek Před 18 dny
wait when thermite killed maestro and castle it showes that atackers are orange and defenders are blue and for some reason when ela disables the defuser it shows that orange team won the round (btw i love your videos man)
Никита Дыбаль
Oh, that how to use Castle
Sebastian Kurz
Sebastian Kurz Před 18 dny
Heros never die
Toni Llabrés
Toni Llabrés Před 18 dny
i must try this strategy in rainbow, could be work xD
DJrobber Před 19 dny
Best animation
ShihammeDarc Před 19 dny
I deadass thought castle was gonna kick the defuser out
sayran111 Před 19 dny
Castle - we must do it Maestro - let's go Castle - it's a one way road...you know? Maestro - *reload* Maestro - HERE I COME!!!
Numan Emre KILIÇ
Numan Emre KILIÇ Před 19 dny
this is a real team game
Dr Dizzy
Dr Dizzy Před 20 dny
Castle 2020-2020 lock the doors we won't make it alive but it's worth life's more than ours
Lonewolf505 Před 20 dny
This is basically every gamer that are in the last stand phase, just don't let us down last guy, we are sacrificing for ur endgame
Brokenheadphones Před 20 dny
csshows.info/up/video/YqupzKKnimPYl6w.html this is from jager him self just wanted to show u guys this watch 2:28
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams Před 21 dnem
I love this game
irish nugget
irish nugget Před 21 dnem
Honestly with the humor in this series i was expecting thermite to just blow the baracade and kill ela It was a welcome suprise
Mikeyawesome111 Před 21 dnem
This would be amazing clutch in a game to
Krisz and Bence gaming
hi every one what name this musicin video?
fazxx76 Ellis
fazxx76 Ellis Před 21 dnem
Dude this has to be the most heroic act in rainbow I ever seen
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez Před 22 dny
Why am I crying from this??
Garry's Cat
Garry's Cat Před 22 dny
Я спец по большим пушкам, а эта моя малышка, она весит 150 кг и делает выстрел за полю по 40$ каждый, нужно 400 000$ чтобы стрелять из этого пулемёта 12 секунд .Heavy.
FRadiog Před 23 dny
Charge me doctor!
Ishwan Dhanoa
Ishwan Dhanoa Před 23 dny
God I love Maestro He's also got truck sized eyebrows
FBI Před 24 dny
Wellfedwhitekid Před 24 dny
Absolutly breathtaking
Crisscrosby 123
Crisscrosby 123 Před 24 dny
This is based on an actual clip. The only difference is that it was only Castle that went outside.
Rovi Decena
Rovi Decena Před 19 dny
Do you have a link to the clip? The link in the description isn't working for me.
Muhammad Arya
Muhammad Arya Před 24 dny
I wonder r6 will put that "instant"barricade
Ben Před 24 dny
Damn I didn’t know meatball maestro and nerdboi castle were simps
WorldNotAvailable Před 24 dny
this is so sad... :,(
APEXPREDATOR X78 Před 25 dny
Top 10 saddest anime deaths
Thunder 4
Thunder 4 Před 25 dny
.....When you get an rare case of competent teammates.....
Julie Atwood
Julie Atwood Před 25 dny
Hmm that might work...
Макар Плохов
Can I ask what kind of music is playing in this video it's just that I'm from Russia but I love watching you