Breathtaking Move in Rainbow Six Siege (Animation) 

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Got inspired by one old Reddit post. Man, what a Legend!
Reddit post: rb.gy/r7sdum
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#SiegeTales #RainbowSixSiege #R6Cartoon
Music and sound effects from: www.epidemicsound.com/


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19. 10. 2020





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Siege Tales
Siege Tales Před 5 měsíci
Not all heroes wear capes...
Verteidigung Seine Freiheit
But they wearing beret and helmet
le tuan
le tuan Před 12 dny
Some wear yoga pants.
々『Otegaru』々 Před 16 dny
Some heroes trap roamers in a bomb room
Tdog5000 Před 17 dny
True, some wear tight yoga pants.
Rai Nam
Rai Nam Před 28 dny
Sleepy Beserk
Sleepy Beserk Před 6 hodinami
Dont matter if you've got 10+ kills or more assitances than anyone else. Deep down you know that those two are the real mvps
Erdbeerland Před 6 hodinami
Every Video of u makes my a day a little bit better
Be Bre
Be Bre Před dnem
You really captured the stressfulness of this situation in siege lmao
Senpai Lordchanka
Senpai Lordchanka Před 3 dny
Wahts the Name of the music?
Queen Tiger
Queen Tiger Před 4 dny
Aww that sacrifice 😭 and little happy high five 🙏☺
NightLyCat Před 4 dny
Me in casually m
Dat1 Elite
Dat1 Elite Před 5 dny
"Your breathtaking"
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton Před 6 dny
Is it just me or does the music at 0:11 sound a lot like the track C.L.U. from Tron legacy
Well done castle. You prove them wrong about you are usseles now. R6 is not about hi tec gadgets or 25k agents. Its about know shooting, strategy and most importante know the meaning of sacrifice to make your team wins. We recruits army not this better than anyone
Only You
Only You Před 8 dny
“Well boys we did it defuser is no more” - penguins of Madagascar.
Raghul M
Raghul M Před 8 dny
Well. thats my enemy teammate
d0nKeyfuk King
d0nKeyfuk King Před 8 dny
When your the 2 g teams mates to clutch
-ArdA_sArı- Před 8 dny
If oryx was there he would throw it away lmao
Cristian Perez
Cristian Perez Před 9 dny
We won but at WHAT COST !!!!!!
Echo Před 9 dny
Beautiful ain’t it? Someone should take a picture.
Captain Fluffy
Captain Fluffy Před 11 dny
Castle quoting Saving Private Ryan: “Earn this.”
Sweptxman Před 11 dny
I don't have the firepower but I have the mass
the eh team 05
the eh team 05 Před 11 dny
But at what cost
Eli Hatch
Eli Hatch Před 11 dny
Lol Ella is 31 I thought she was 17
M'name Luis
M'name Luis Před 12 dny
Beautiful 💕
Matthews5 Shade
Matthews5 Shade Před 12 dny
Clap at end ; I worth it
Bean Burrito
Bean Burrito Před 12 dny
Cattle and maestro Good work
Jayz grouse
Jayz grouse Před 12 dny
Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice Mason, we Russians know that better than anyone -Viktor Reznov
jeffrey Kaubisch
jeffrey Kaubisch Před 13 dny
Little late but wouldn't Orange team be the enemy?? When they died they were blue.. (Castle & Maestro)
Krakky Wakky
Krakky Wakky Před 13 dny
Castle could've barricaded from inside...
Deven Cooper
Deven Cooper Před 13 dny
Ela crying over the their sacrifice is absolutely adorable
ThatLofiKidツ Před 13 dny
its all fun and games till MeatyMarley one taps both of them and clowns Ela
Yolky Josh51
Yolky Josh51 Před 14 dny
Top 10 saddest anime deaths
JimZone Před 14 dny
we dont see this kind of teamwork anymore.. just an ash rushing in
Puro Před 14 dny
The fact that when I was doc I ran out barricaded the doors and got downed when my teammate defused the bomb
Dylan Cannon
Dylan Cannon Před 15 dny
Love the Tron/daft punk music, one of the greatest movie soundtracks ever
Dante K
Dante K Před 15 dny
Awwww so cute and wholesome
-An Actual Doggo -
-An Actual Doggo - Před 15 dny
That is what teamwork should be Rd6 casual: *reverse teamkill activated*
Nickolas Caio
Nickolas Caio Před 15 dny
Um nobre sacrifício
Pluto The Dwarf Planet
Heroes of war
addictedguy5289 Před 17 dny
The post mortem high-five sealed it for this animation being cute as hell. Plus the Heavy voice line made it better. You deserve my thumbs up, my dude.
GlitchWolf Před 17 dny
The fact castle and maestro are the two ops i play on defence-
Declan Doyle
Declan Doyle Před 18 dny
Adamician Před 18 dny
New Question : How you still alive Castle?
Rainbow 6 Cheems
Rainbow 6 Cheems Před 18 dny
She could of defused from there🤣
A wraith kunai
A wraith kunai Před 19 dny
this is beautiful, but can we talk about how Maestro PHASED THROUGH A WALL?
Burritobot 2.0
Burritobot 2.0 Před 19 dny
furry lover16
furry lover16 Před 19 dny
Gotta dislike cuz you used the heavy "here I come" and didn't use tachanka the Russian with a big LMG
ElectroWolf 97
ElectroWolf 97 Před 20 dny
Ela:Thank you,Your sacrifice will not be in vain....
Cool Gamer the gun maker
I was in this situation but I was hiding while I was on cams they planted the defuser and didn't see me. my teammates distracted them while I defuse
Alexander Coffelt
Alexander Coffelt Před 21 dnem
The look in castle face while holding maestro
Danny Caracciolo
Danny Caracciolo Před 22 dny
*earn this.......*
Mr. VampireFang
Mr. VampireFang Před 22 dny
I love the here I come. Not only does he cause a distraction with the run out firing it’s like a final it’s you or me but either way it’s happening
Random Person
Random Person Před 24 dny
"Friendly last operator standing"
JJ2 . 0
JJ2 . 0 Před 24 dny
I wish it was like that
WarSmith Před 26 dny
Everybody gangster until they start shooting Ella’s feet
Brandon Charlson
Brandon Charlson Před 27 dny
Epicgamerman Yes
Epicgamerman Yes Před 28 dny
Seige tales:Not All heros wear capes.... Me:But they do wear goggles No hate for seige tales keep it up dude!
Luca Pipa
Luca Pipa Před 28 dny
My team would just send Ela there and they would camp Thermite without defusing lol
Nasir Abusin
Nasir Abusin Před 29 dny
Where real men cried
eclinvo Před 29 dny
*N O S A C R I F I C E T O O G R E A T*
Kvon Curry
Kvon Curry Před 29 dny
You tellin me he don’t deserve an elite skin after that
Фж ZelLuis жФ
Фж ZelLuis жФ Před 29 dny
Corey Hedges
Corey Hedges Před měsícem
Maestro: Valhalla take us, the old wolves, that the pups may live on to whet their claws
goomba3456 Před měsícem
Remember it's all training
Devin White
Devin White Před měsícem
Its a shame clash died early on. She'd have come in clutch
ovn Kozak
ovn Kozak Před měsícem
Are we not gonna talk about the fact that the enemi Thermite did the 1v2?
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen Před měsícem
Was kinda hoping for A-10 brrrrt
Aidan Sanders
Aidan Sanders Před měsícem
ultimate sacrifice
Whiteroom Entertainment TV
So heartwarming
Awesome things 23
Awesome things 23 Před měsícem
Top10 anime sacrifices
Fernando Pacheco
Fernando Pacheco Před měsícem
gonna try to make this in a ranked match
Sharkas Gaming
Sharkas Gaming Před měsícem
"the best job I've ever had" - Fury movie
Red Tally
Red Tally Před měsícem
Ash: I dont know how you handled things in the private sector, but we don't use people as bait here. Ela:Flashbacks
Danny Yoroi
Danny Yoroi Před měsícem
That is one inspirational ass music
MeiRamelb Před měsícem
"Heroes get medals..but some people win A 5 V 1
Elias Porfilio Rodrigues
Elias Porfilio Rodrigues Před měsícem
The diffuser of the door good idea I use this idea in game
Артём Gamoscow
Артём Gamoscow Před měsícem
"Noobs" - Sun Tsu, i guess
김은우 Před měsícem
캐슬 핑신쉨 왜 밖에서 설치하고 난리여
Eagle007xx Před měsícem
Why couldn’t real games be like this
MansWithNoCheese .0.
MansWithNoCheese .0. Před měsícem
Castle: Cmon Maestro, let’s do this for the win. Maestro: We may not win the battle, but we will definitely win the war, let’s go!
AnkyBoi Před měsícem
Pure Teamwork :)
Mr.Captain Save A Hoe
Mr.Captain Save A Hoe Před měsícem
That lil highfive
[insert good name]
[insert good name] Před měsícem
Top ten anime deaths
Gunnerjackel97 Před měsícem
Honestly the music went too well with this
MEGA JUNKRAT Před měsícem
Isn’t ela on the blue team?
Christian Lebegern
Christian Lebegern Před měsícem
杏仁 もちねこ-Annin Mochineko-
I was waiting for a nade though.
Donovan Před měsícem
Black Tusk
Black Tusk Před měsícem
Mission failed the bomb was defused
Alex714K Před měsícem
Who know, what is this music?
Polande Před měsícem
i'm an 1 229 999 viewer oh wow
Brian Ayate
Brian Ayate Před měsícem
The brave always win
LocoSword39 Před měsícem
Castle: *”Someone clip that.”*
Minus Skid
Minus Skid Před měsícem
This is where legends cried
ÆM Před měsícem
* closes book * " -like that's going to happen "
Saturn Army
Saturn Army Před měsícem
I wish ranked was more like this, not people sweeting over kills, ingeroing the objective, team killing, and just general toxicity.
장님 Před měsícem
This video)team game what I thinking Real game) ASH ☠MAESTRO ASH☠CASTLE SLEDGE☠ELA
Thomas Wanderer
Thomas Wanderer Před měsícem
stayblazing420 Před měsícem
Thank God it wasn't a team of recruite's
Great teamwork btw
La Hán
La Hán Před měsícem
I like the girl when she cried is cute
MX Gao
MX Gao Před měsícem
That's how to play a game
YG Vivid
YG Vivid Před měsícem
Ahoj, Brawl Stars komunito!
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